How To Build Good Credit

If you are thinking you want to buy a home the first step to is to make sure you have good credit. This is many people’s reason for starting to pay attention to their credit situation, either that or a car purchase. Without good credit you will have difficulty obtaining a mortgage or other loan & will only obtain it with high interest rates and expensive terms.

You will be put in the position of paying arranging fees, yearly fees plus the high interest rate which will also cause you to have much higher payments than necessary.

Building good credit can usually be done in one to two years. The first step you need to take is to get in touch with your local credit bureau. In both Canada and the U.S. usually this is Equifax. There are others as well, just check for your local credit bureau at Most of them give you one free credit report per year. Get a copy. Find out your current Beacon Score. The Beacon Score is a number and it is basement on your paymednt history.

If you pay all of your bills in 30 days or less you will have a very high Beacon score. If you have bad debt, or written off debt it will be very low and the lower it goes the less inclined lenders will be to lend to you. Any current credit that you may have, credit cards, bank loans, student loans you want to start making your payments regulary, meaning every 30 days.

To learn how to get out of debt go to Financial Fitness and download the free guide. you will need to follow this for the next year or two. It will help you to alleviate debt as well as build your credit rating. Ignore the banks suggestions on how to pay your credit cards or debt. If you only ever pay off the interest you will always be in debt and probably will never have great credit. Always paying the minimum will never put you ahead of the game.

You need to organize yourself and take specific steps on a monthly basis to improve your financial situation.